2018 City of Charleston Urban Deer Hunt

2018 City of Charleston
Urban Deer Management
Rules and Regulations


The 2018 City of Charleston Urban Deer Hunt will begin Saturday, September 8, 2018, and end December 31, 2018. Applications will be accepted in the City Manager's Office beginning Monday, August 6th, 2018 at 9:00am.

Cross bow hunting is now permitted with a valid Class Y permit per Sec. 10-171. of the Municipal Code. A list of approved properties will be posted on this webpage as they become approved and available.

Please contact the City Manager's Office with any questions (Phone: 304-348-8014).

2018 Approved Property Tracts

Property Name: Angel Terrace (Tract 13)

Property Contact: Michael Woody

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Property Name: Cato Park (Tract 12)
Property Contact: City Manager
Contact Information: 304-348-8014


Property Name: Centers Rd. (Tract 33)

Property Contact: Samuel Sloan

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Property Name: Chappell Rd. (Tract 39)

Property Contact: Dennis Thompson

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Property Name: Chatwood Rd. (Tract 48)

Property Contact: Diane Doty

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Property Name: Connell Rd. (Tract 52)

Property Contact: David Francke

Contact Information: 304-546-9472

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Property Name: Crescent Rd. (Tract 11)

Property Contact: Robert Frostick

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Property Name: Garrison Ave. at Edgewood (Tract 16)

Property Contact: Jeff Brown

Contact Information: 304-343-5501

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Property Name: Lawndale Lane (Tract 27)

Property Contact: James Hansen

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Property Name: Lawnview Rd. (Tract 21)

Property Contact: Charles Stevens

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Property Name: Louden Heights Rd. (Tract 3)

Property Contact: Robert Chilton

Contact Information: 304-741-0586

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Property Name: Louden Heights / Connell Rd. (Tract 53)

Property Contact: John Hannah

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Property Name: Maple Leaf Lane (Tract 46)

Property Contact: Lewis Whaley

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Property Name: Mayview Addition (Tract 26)

Property Contact: John Carper

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Property Name: Newton & Middle Rd. (Tract 41)

Property Contact: Charles Love

Contact Information: 304-993-9245


Property Name: Northgate (Tract 43)

Property Contact: John Wellford

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Property Name: Oakwood Rd. (Tract 49)
Property Contact: Keith Walker

Property Name: Olympus Rd. (Tract 22)

Property Contact: Robert Busse

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Property Name: Overbrook & Hickory Rd. (Tract 1)

Property Contact: Lindsey Daniels

Contact Information: 304-346-2359

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Property Name: Pacific St. (Tract 2)
Property Contact: City Manager
Contact Information: 304-348-8014

Property Name: Pinnacle Heights (Tract 44)

Property Contact: Jon Cavendish

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Property Name: Quarry Creek (Tracts 7A, 7B, & 7C)

Property Contact: J. Thomas Lane

Contact Information: tlane@bowlesrice.com

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Property Name: Rambler Rd. (Tract 6)

Property Contact: Walter Dudley

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Property Name: Smith Rd. (Tract 5)
Property Contact: Stephen and Susie Wellons


Property Name: Staunton Rd. (Tract 4)

Property Contact: Harry or Mary Wallace

Contact Information: 304-344-3896 or 304-415-3710

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Property Name: Woodvale Dr. (Tract 45)

Property Contact: Barbara Warren

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