LGBTQ Working Group

The City of Charleston established its first LGBTQ working group in May 2019. This group will work directly with Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin to offer recommendations and help develop LGBTQ related policies and procedures in the City of Charleston. This group includes representation from the City of Charleston, Charleston Police Department, Charleston City Council, business professionals from diverse backgrounds and community members.

"Charleston is committed to being an inclusive community. We have a responsibility to advocate for and support all citizens and visitors of our city. Everyone deserves a seat at the table,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin. “The formation of the LGBTQ working group provides us with a unique opportunity to develop and implement forward thinking policies and programs to better serve ALL members of our community.”


Goals of the working group will include:

  • Establishing an anti- council.
  • Developing anti-bullying and harassment policies for City Parks and Recreation facilities.
  • Developing LGBTQ-awareness training modules for City employees.
  • Reviewing City health insurance coverage to ensure it is LGBTQ-inclusive.


Kay Albright

Ashir Coillberg

Caitlin Cook

Jerry Comer

Chris Gosses

Jake Jarvis

Dr. Brad Marple

Ebony Matthews

Carling McManus

Jessi Redden

Natasha Stone

Tina Stinson

Barry Turley

Billy Wolfe

Mayor Amy Goodwin

Contact Information

Billy Wolfe
LGBTQ Working Group Chair

Tina Stinson
Executive Scheduler | Coordinator
Liaison in the City Executive's Office

Major Jessi Redden
Community Outreach & Development
CPD Liaison

Caitlin Cook
City Council At-Large