(Charleston, W. Va.) The City of Charleston is expanding its Private Outdoor Designed Area (PODA) to include the Bridge Road and East End neighborhoods. Bridge Road PODA and East End PODA will go live today, May 16 at 4 p.m. The two new PODA districts join the already established City Center PODA which went live last November.

“We have experienced tremendous success with the launch of the City Center PODA which has provided visitors with a unique experience as they explore our downtown restaurants and local businesses,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin. “We are excited to offer this same opportunity to our visitors to our Bridge Road and East End districts.”

“The City continues to work closely with the ABCA to navigate the newly expanded PODA laws, and we are thrilled to be the first city in the state to host a special event operating in conjunction with the brand new Bridge Road PODA,” said City Manager Ben Mishoe.

The West Virginia Legislature enabled cities to create Private Outdoor Designated Areas, or PODAs, through Senate Bill 534 in 2023. In October of 2023, Charleston City Council passed Bill No. 8013 Committee Substitute, As Amended establishing four PODA districts: City Center Bridge Road, Capitol Market, and Elk City.  More recently, Charleston City Council passed Bill No. 8031 Committee Substitute, As Amended, establishing the East End PODA.

Outlined below is information about Charleston’s Capital City Sip-N-Stroll (PODA).  Additional information is available online:


The Bridge Road PODA and East End PODA will operate the same hours as the existing City Center PODA, Monday–Friday from 4 p.m.– 10 p.m. and Saturday–Sunday from 10 a.m.–10 p.m.


Licensed, participating PODA establishments must display the official black “Capital City Sip-N-Stroll, Beverages Sold Here” decal.

The current businesses that have received approval from the City and the PODA permit from the WVABCA are the following:

City Center PODA

  • Adelphia Sports Bar and Grill
  • Black Sheep Burritos and Brews
  • Dem 2 Brothers and a Grill
  • Fife Street Brewing
  • Hale House
  • Hale Street Center
  • Pies and Pints
  • Sam’s Uptown Café
  • Short Story Brewing
  • Vino’s Bar and Grill
  • Whiskey Glasses

Bridge Road PODA

  • 1010 Bridge
  • Fernbank
  • Lola’s Pizza

East End PODA

  • Tricky Fish
  • Red Carpet Lounge


PODA Districts are marked by boundary signage – both entering the PODA and exiting the PODA. This signage includes a QR code that directs individuals to the PODA website.

In addition, three types of decals will be used by businesses within the PODA District – black, green, and red.

  • Black decal (Beverages Sold Here) – indicate an establishment designated to serve PODA beverages.
  • Green decal – (Beverages Welcome) – indicate a retail or service establishment permits PODA beverages to enter.
  • Red decal (Please, No Beverages) OR no decal – indicates a retail or service establishment that does not permit PODA beverages to enter.


PODA beverages must be in an approved PODA cup purchased from a licensed, participating PODA establishment.

PODA beverages/cups must stay within PODA District boundaries marked by signage. Leaving the PODA with an alcoholic beverage is a violation of applicable open container laws.

PODA beverages may be taken into businesses that display the official green “Capital City Sip-N-Stroll Beverages Welcome” signage (decal) in the window.

PODA beverages/cups must be disposed of before exiting the PODA and/or entering a business that displays the official red “Capital City Sip-N-Stroll Please, No beverages” decal or no official PODA decal.  


Information specific to businesses within the PODA District is available online at In addition, businesses within the PODA District with PODA related questions can email