Recycling to Resume in Charleston

Tonight, Charleston City Council approved an expenditure to pay for the processing of the City’s mixed recyclables. Council also voted to allow the City Manager to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority. These measures will allow recycling to resume on Tuesday, September 29.


“When the Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority temporarily closed due to COVID-19, our City truly felt the impact of going without a recycling program. We appreciate everyone’s patience during that unprecedented time,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin. “Now, with this agreement, we are ready to restore our recycling program and work to make it even more robust in the future.”


The City will pay $175 per ton of recyclables taken to the Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority for processing. All recyclables that were previously accepted will still be accepted. This includes newspaper, office paper, magazines, cardboard, aluminum, tin cans, similar metals, plastic #1 and plastic #2.


“While COVID-19 has altered recycling efforts in the past, I’m glad that we have come to a resolution moving forward,” said Brent Webster, Director of Public Works. “Our crews are ready to begin recycling collection September 29th.”


The agreement between the City of Charleston and Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority is valid through June 30, 2021.


The City is also in the process of conducting a formal recycling study to create a more robust recycling program. This study will look at how people recycle and the percentage of residents that recycle in different parts of the City. Ultimately, the consultants will recommend educational outreach to increase recycling in the future and provide feedback on the most efficient and effective ways to make a sustainable recycling program.


The Mayor has also been in talks with other municipalities throughout the County to create a long-term recycling solution.