Speed Limit Auxiliary Signs Installed in Kanawha City

The City of Charleston has installed speed limit auxiliary signs in Kanawha City, reminding folks to “respect the limit” and “slow your roll” to help curb speeding.


“While talking with members of City Council, the Kanawha City Community Association and the Charleston Police Department, we’ve heard about incidents of speeding in areas of Kanawha City,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin, “We have lowered the speed limit to 15 miles per hour in several areas and we are hopeful these signs will serve as an additional reminder to slow down and be safe.”


The signs are located in the following areas:

  • Intersection of Preston Street and Elmore Ave.
  • 815 Elmore Ave.
  • 1715 Woodbine Ave.
  • 1604 Woodbine Ave.
  • 42nd/ Washington Ave., Eastbound
  • 42nd/ Washington Ave., Westbound
  • 52nd/ Venable Ave., Westbound
  • 44th/ Venable Ave., Westbound
  • 42nd/ Venable Ave., Eastbound
  • 3705 Kanawha Ave., Eastbound
  • 42nd/ Kanawha Ave., Eastbound
  • 47th/ Kanawha Ave., Eastbound
  • 47th/ Kanawha Ave., Westbound.
  • 57th/ Kanawha Ave., Westbound
  • 44th/ Virginia Ave., Westbound
  • 43rd/ Virginia Ave., Eastbound