Adopt-A-Street Program Overview

The Adopt-A-Street program resembles the State of West Virginia’s Adopt-A-Highway program. However, the Adopt-A-Street program focuses on litter pickup on streets and alleyways that are maintained by the City of Charleston. The program offers volunteers an opportunity to clean up neighborhoods with teamwork and community pride in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

-Who may Adopt-A-Street?

Individuals, families, churches, businesses, schools, civic organizations, government agencies, fraternities, sororities and communities

-Which streets may be adopted?

Almost every city-maintained street or alleyway. Private roads and highways or streets maintained by the state may NOT be adopted as well as any street that could be periodically deemed unsafe by the Director of Public Works.

-What does it cost to Adopt-A-Street?

Just time and energy. The city furnishes trash bags, safety signs, gloves, safety vests and litter pickers. Once clean ups are completed, city crews pick up and dispose of all bagged trash.

-Are adopted streets identified?

Yes, the name of the adopter bearing the Adopt-A-Street logo is posted on signs at each end of the adopted street after two (2) clean ups have been reported.

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Complete the Application and send it to:

Please contact Brent Webster, Public Works Director, by phone at 304-348-6850 or by email at for more details

 Training Videos  

Adopt-A-Highway Training 2018
            Adopt-A-Highway Training 2018


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