(Charleston, W. Va.) – During the Charleston City Council meeting held this evening, December 19, several measures were passed as part of General Fund Budget Amendment No. 4.  These measures allocated monies from the Unassigned Fund Balance for projects including construction of a Public Safety Center, Parks and Recreation Facility improvements, construction of the 5-Corners traffic safety project, and funding for the Health Reserve Fund and establishing an OPEB trust.  

“In addition to funding key projects in our city like the Public Safety Center and improvements to our Parks and Recreation facilities, this budget amendment also helps us better prepare for our future OPEB liability and rising healthcare costs,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin. 

In addition to allocation of funds to cover overages on costs due to inflation on vehicles, equipment and parts, and rising costs of fuel and utilities, this budget amendment includes:

  • $1M to the Public Safety Center fund for future construction costs
  • $1M to the Health Reserve Fund to help offset potential future PEIA premium increases on employees
  • $700k for the grant matching funds necessary for the installation of synthetic turf at the North Charleston Community Center football field
  • $560k for the HVAC and roof replacement at Kanawha City Community Center
  • $500k to begin the process of setting up an Other Postemployment Benefits (OPEB) trust to deal with the City’s future OPEB liability
  • $400k for the construction of the 5-Corners traffic safety project
  • $275k for the Wertz Avenue playground
  • $100k for the 2023 Charleston Sternwheel Regatta