Councilman Miller resigns for health reasons

Charleston City Councilman John H. Miller, Jr., who was elected four times to represent a ward in Kanawha City, has resigned from Council, citing health issues.

Miller was first elected in 2003 to represent what was then the 18th Ward and served 13 ? years as ward boundaries and numbers changed because of redistricting. Since the 2015 election, he has been representing the 17th Ward, which includes most of Kanawha City between MacCorkle Avenue and the Kanawha River.

He had developed a strong reputation in Kanawha City and on City Council for tirelessly working his ward and addressing constituent concerns.  A retired educator, he became best known in the city and beyond for televised public service announcements that said, ?It?s 10 p.m.  Do you know where your children are?? 

?Councilmembers, you have been a second family to me (us),? Miller wrote in his letter to the Mayor and colleagues on City Council.  ?You have watched as Johna became a young woman ? while from age 10 she did her homework in Council Chambers.  I am grateful for our years or service together.?

?John Miller was a very effective member of City Council until his health started limiting his ability to do what he?d been doing so well for so long,? said Charleston Mayor Danny Jones.  ?I?m grateful for his service, his friendship and his support for many of the projects and initiatives that we have developed to make Charleston a better place to be.?