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City of Charleston
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The City of Charleston’s split Urban Deer Hunt season will be open from September 9 – December 31, 2023 and January 8-31, 2024 for the extended season. The City will accept hunter applications only between July 1 and August 11, 2023. The application cost remains $10.00 per hunter and copies of all documentation are required for the application to be processed.  

The signed application, support document and payment must be attached to your application. The application can be mailed to the below address. Please write “Urban Deer Hunt” on the outside of the envelope.

Tommie Harless
City of Charleston
P.O. Box 2749
Charleston, WV 25330

Cross bow hunting is now permitted during the Urban Deer Hunt per Section 10-171 of the Municipal Code and falls under the same rules and regulations as bow and arrow hunting.

The list of UDH Tracts will be posted on this web page as they become approved. If a phone number or email address is not provided for the property owner, this indicates that the owner has chosen not to accept public inquiries.

The deadline for new tract and renewal applications is June 30, 2023.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources 2023 – 2024 Hunting and Trapping Regulations can be accessed here:

Please contact the City Manager's Office Urban Deer Hunt Coordinator with any questions: (304) 348-8014 or

Pending Hunting Tract Applications

*Open For Public Comment

The below listed Urban Deer Hunt program tract designation application has been received by the Office of the City Manager and is open for the 30-day comment period ending October 19,2023:

31 Quarry Ridge

Charleston, WV 25304

South Annex Tax Map 46, Parcel 23


35 Quarry Ridge

Charleston, WV 25304

South Annex Tax Map 46, Parcel 25


1517 Thomas Circle

Charleston, WV 25314

South Annex Tax Map 37, Parcel 78, and Tax Map 36 Parcel 27.1


1535 and 1541 Thomas Circle

Charleston, WV 25314

South Annex Tax Map 37, Parcels 80 & 81


1522-1528 Dogwood Rd.

Charleston, WV 25314

South Annex Tax Map 34, Parcels 11,12,13, and 15


Please send any comments with your name, address, and contact information to:

Office of the City Manager

City of Charleston

501 Virginia Street East

Charleston, WV 25301

2023 Approved Property Tracts

(map) No. 1 Overbrook & Hickory Rd. (Daniels) ph - 304-346-2359
(map) No.2 Pacific Street
(map) No.5 Fossil Creek Lane (Wellons)
(map) No.6 Rambler Rd. (Dudley)
(map) No.7 A,B,&C (Lane) Email - (
(map) No.11 Crescent Rd. (Frostick)
(map) No.12 Cato Park
(map) No.13 Angel Terrace (Woody)
(map) No.21 Lawnview Rd. (Stevens)
(map) No.22 Olympus Rd. (Busse)
(map) No.27 Lawndale Lane (Hansen)
(map) No.28 Louden Heights (Evans)
(map) No.33 Centers Rd. (Sloan)
(map) No. 44 Pinnacle (Litton)
(map) No. 47 Kit Road (Saldanha)
(map) No. 49 Oakwood Rd. (Walker)
(map) No. 52 Connell Rd. (Francke)
(map) No. 56 2000 Smith Rd. (Pullins)
(map) No. 57 Bakers Fork Rd. (Reeves)
(map) No. 58 11 Chatwood Rd. (Moore)
(map) No. 60 Ariel Heights
(map) No. 61 33 Quarry Ridge (Sherman Smith)
(map) No. 62 Cannady Drive (Harmon)