How to submit plans

Plans for all construction shall be submitted to the Permit Review Coordinator located at the Building Department at 915 Quarrier St Suite 5.

Building plans and specifications must show the location of the proposed structure and any other structure with all existing grades and changes with overhead or underground utilities and sewers.

Commercial projects require 3 sets of plans drawn to scale detailing the work to be done to be submitted with the application with specific notes regarding the quality of materials used. Drawings need to include tabulation of floor, room and window areas; type of construction; use; occupancy load; fire ratings and separations; typical wall sections; and handicap accessibility compliance. Additional details may be required depending upon the project. Plans for commercial projects over $50,000 shall have the signature and seal of an architect or engineer registered by the state of WV who is responsible for the design in addition to the signature of the owner or his agent.

Residential projects require 2 sets of plans and specifications including site, sanitary and storm sewers; storm water drainage and erosion control plan; and parking details.

Plans will be reviewed by all applicable city agencies. When possible, residential reviews will be completed within 3 working days and commercial reviews within ten working days and industrial reviews within 30 working days from the date of submittal barring special conditions. Required revisions to submitted plans will begin a new review period. Reviews may be necessary from any or all of the following city departments: Building Department, Fire Department, City Engineer, Traffic Engineer, Sanitary Board, Planning Department. A permit will be issued after all reviews are completed.

Once approved, one set of plans will be retained in the Building Department until the project is completed and a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) has been issued. Note: all permits and required inspections must be completed, any fees paid and all subcontractors noted and registered with both the Building Department and City Collector’s office before a C of O will be issued.

A second set of plans, once approved, must be kept on the job site for inspection purposes. Other sets may need to be retained by other departments depending upon the project.

Plan Review Fee is .00075 times the total cost of construction for commercial permits over $50,000. For example, a $50,000 permit would be $37.50 or a $100,000 permit would be $75.