Applying for Licenses

  No License Required Letter

Our permit office is very prompt at processing the required paperwork. However, your contractor registration and/or a building permit could be denied for the following reasons:

  • Your company is not registered with the City Collector's Office
  • If your company is delinquent with the City Collector's Office, or has failed to file an up-to-date return
  • Your Certificate of Insurance is expired
  • Your company has failed in the past to obtain proper permits and required inspections
  • Your West Virginia State Contractor License is expired

To remain in good standing, you must also obtain permits before beginning work and obtain all required inspections, including a final. Contractors working without a permit face a minimum 3month license suspension and possibly have their application denied in the future.

All contracting work in the City of Charleston is subject to a 2% Business and Occupation (B & O) Tax and proper registration with the City Collector's Office