Applying for Licenses

All contractors—general, sub-contractors, sign, specialty, HVAC, electrical and master plumbing - doing work in the City of Charleston must be registered and renewed by July 1 each year

Please submit all of the following to register and renew:

  • City of Charleston Application Form or Renewal Notice
  • Current Certificate of Liability Insurance (City of Charleston must be listed as a certificate holder, please contact your agent)
  • A copy of your current State of West Virginia Contractor's License
  • Electrical contractors also require a current copy of their WV State Fire Marshal’s license
  • HVAC contractors also require a current copy of their HVAC Technician License
  • Plumbing contractors also require a copy of a current Master Plumber’s License
  • Proof of West Virginia Worker's Compensation Coverage (Brickstreet Insurance) if applicable
  • $90.00 annual fee (all registrations, we do not take credit or debit cards for payment)
  • Sole proprietor electrical renewal—$20
  • Journeyman Plumbers license renewal—$25.00
  • Master Plumbers renewal — $90.00

If any of these are missing your application will not be processed. There can be no exceptions.

Our permit office is very prompt at processing the required paperwork. However, your contractor registration and/or a building permit could be denied for the following reasons:

  • Your company is not registered with the City Collector's Office
  • If your company is delinquent with the City Collector's Office, or has failed to file an up-to-date return
  • Your Certificate of Insurance is expired
  • Your company has failed in the past to obtain proper permits and required inspections
  • Your West Virginia State Contractor License is expired

To remain in good standing, you must also obtain permits before beginning work and obtain all required inspections, including a final. Contractors working without a permit face a minimum 3month license suspension and possibly have their application denied in the future.

All contracting work in the City of Charleston is subject to a 2% Business and Occupation (B & O) Tax and proper registration with the City Collector's Office