Charleston City Council Approves Cable Franchise Agreements

During tonight’s meeting, Charleston City Council approved two cable franchise agreements, marking the first time Charleston has had more than one active cable franchise agreement. City Council approved a new franchise agreement with CAS Cable to construct cable infrastructure throughout the City over the next five years and operate through 2037, while Suddenlink was approved to renew its agreement with the City through 2027.

“Having two active cable franchises in the City of Charleston is exciting and will spur competition in the market,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin. “I look forward to working with Suddenlink and CAS Cable to make sure folks in our Capital City have options for cable services.”

In November 2020, Mayor Goodwin appointed a Select Committee on Cable Franchise to review the City’s current agreement and recruit new competition to come into the area.

“The Select Committee on Cable Franchise met several times over the past year, thoroughly researching and interviewing both companies presented tonight,” said Councilman Ben Adams, Chair of the Select Committee on Cable Franchise. “Cable Franchise Agreements are prohibited by federal law from regulating internet speeds, but we believe these agreements will increase competition in both cable and internet more broadly, encourage increased internet speeds through the free market, and ultimately be a win for Charleston residents.”