2018 Gallery 64 Pier Murals


2018 Gallery 64 Pier Murals – Charleston, WV:

Charleston City Council’s Strong Neighborhood Task Force (SNTF) and the City of Charleston Office of Public Art (COPA) is requesting proposals and qualifications from artists for the design and implementation of a series of public art murals. 


The SNTF is a collective of City Council members and neighborhood activists that work on a variety of efforts to improve conditions in Charleston’s urban neighborhoods. Some of the accomplishments of the SNTF are as follows:

  • Establishment of the Charleston Historic Landmarks Commission.
  • Adoption of amendments to the City’s Zoning Ordinance regarding urban agriculture, adaptive reuse, noise pollution, and demolition delay.
  • Installation of public art beneath Interstate 64 as a first step in reconnecting the Downtown and West Side.
  • Creation of registry and oversight of rental properties and vacant structures.


Charleston is a beautiful city. It’s topography of mountains, rivers, and stunning views is complimented by an architecturally rich Downtown and Capitol Complex, neighborhoods with unique identities, and organizations that provide access to a diverse range of arts experiences. Public art has traditionally been a part of that mix, and the city has a collection of more than fifty works of art in public places. In 2017, the City of Charleston Office of Public Art (COPA) was established as a result of a comprehensive Public Arts Plan developed through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.  The focus of the department is the conservation, education, and creation of Public Art in Charleston, WV.  COPA is committed to creating innovative opportunities for artists, engaging residents and visitors, and encouraging collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Gallery 64 is a continuation of the project formerly known as the Peer to Pier Public Art Project. During the summer of 2018, murals will be applied to the 6 interstate support piers under I-64 interstate.

Part of the ongoing revitalization and beautification of the City of Charleston through the arts, the goal of this project continues to be the enhancement of the connection between the West Side and the downtown. The project should achieve the following goals:

  • improve the overall aesthetic look of Pennsylvania Avenue, N
  • generate and continue interest in and awareness of public art in the City of Charleston

SNTF/COPA is asking that this call for proposals be open-ended and without a specific theme to encourage individual artists aesthetic and unique point of view.

The SNTF/COPA will select 6 artists for the project; each artist will paint one pier. Artists who have participated in previous phases of the Peer to Pier public art initiative may apply. However, proposals submitted by artists who have not yet painted a pier may be given preference. 

The SNTF/COPA asks that all details regarding the project remain confidential until an announcement is made to the public.  A formal press release will be distributed once the artists have been chosen for the project.  Response to this RFP signifies confidentiality between the organizers and the artists involved in this process.


Support piers on the Pennsylvania Ave. N. connecting street to the entrance ramp to I-64.

  • Piers measure 12’9” in circumference.
  • Murals must wrap entirely around each pier between 2 and 12 feet off the ground.
  • Some of the piers have a drain pipe attached to them and should be considered in the proposal. 


  • The City of Charleston will provide scaffolding.
  • Sufficient work space exists between the road and the piers on the connecting street.


Artists will receive $2,000 per interstate pier. It is the artists’ responsibility to supply their own paints and other materials. Selected artists will receive 25% of funds upon signing a contract with the City of Charleston; the remaining 75% will be paid when the work is completed and necessary information is provided.


Proposals will be accepted until May 11, 2018. A selection committee consisting of members of the SNTF/COPA and project funders will consider proposals and notify selected artists by June 8, 2018. The SNTF/COPA will meet with the selected artists to discuss revisions, contracts and the overall breadth of the project. The installation of the project may begin in July 1, 2018 and be completed by September 30, 2018. (This time frame is estimated and may be subject to minor adjustments at the request of the WV Department of Transportation, Division of Highways.)


  • Once the murals are completed and approved by the COPA office an anti-graffiti clear-coat must be applied. This clear-coat product will be supplied to the artist by the City of Charleston; the artist will be responsible for its application. Scaffolding will also be provided by the City of Charleston.


The request is for pro bono conceptual development and submission of proposals. Artists are required to submit a concept that is developed enough to provide the selection committee with a clear understanding of the nature and content of the mural being proposed. Proposals should reflect a concept that utilizes the entire space allocated. 

In addition to the proposed concept, artists must submit the following information via mail or email:

  • A cover sheet including contact information
  • A brief written description of the proposed concept (to be used in printed materials and social media)
  • Relevant qualifications concerning past experience with public art projects
  • Examples of previously completed large-scale works

Additional imagery, drawings, and sketches are acceptable, but please limit your application to ten 8.5 X 11 pages.  Please do not send original art.

Incomplete and/or late proposals will not be considered. Proposals including a commercial message, product, trademark, trade name, logo or otherwise advertising a product, service, or business will not be considered. Proposals containing obscene images or wording will not be considered.

Proposals may be sent to:

City of Charleston Office of Public Art

Attn: Jeff Pierson

915 Quarrier Street, Suite 2

Charleston, WV 25301

Or e-mailed to jeff.pierson@cityofcharleston.org

With questions, call Jeff at 304-348-8000 ext. 306