City Departments

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Charleston Urban Renewal Authority (CURA)

Ronald Butlin, Executive Director
815 Quarrier Street, Suite 244 
Charleston, WV 25301 
P: (304) 348-6890 
F: (304) 348-6892

  • Community Revitalization
  • Economic Development

200 Civic Center Drive, Charleston, WV 25301 
P: (304) 345-1500 
F: (304) 345-3492

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For matters related to discrimination based on Sex, Race, Color, Ancestry, National Origin, Age, Disability, or Familial Status contact:

West Virginia Human Rights Commission
1321 Plaza East, Room 108A
Charleston WV 25301-1400
304-558-2616 (phone)
1-888-676-5546 (toll free)
304-558-0085 (fax)

For matters of discrimination based on Sexual Orientation in Housing, Employment, or Public Accommodation contact:

The City of Charleston, Clerks Office
501 Virginia Street 3rd floor
Charleston WV 25301
304-348-8179 (phone)
304-348-8038 (fax)

Discrimination Complaints