Building Commission

Building Commisssion
915 Quarrier Street, Suite 5
Charleston, WV 25301-2607
P: (304) 348-6833
F: (304) 348-6836

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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In support of Public



And Welfare

The City of Charleston Building Commission strives to preserve safe and affordable housing within the Charleston city limits while maintaining a strong focus on Property Maintenance.

Our focus includes the health and safety of the City’s multiple buildings through the enforcement of the building codes adopted by the State of West Virginia. Multiple aspects are found within this broad focus:

  • ensuring contractors are fully licensed, insured and qualified
  • issuing permits to ensure new construction or improvements to existing structures adhere to the state building codes
  • reviewing building plans for new construction or structural changes to existing buildings
  • inspecting each step of new construction to ensure it is up to code standards
  • providing inspections to commercial structures with ownership changes
  • overseeing gas tank and pump installations
  • facilitating electric hook ups with meter base and electrical service inspections
  • working with other City departments towards revitalization of our beautiful City
  • managing the Vacant Structures List to aid in any individual revitalization efforts
  • issuing citations for Home Rule violations including high grass, sanitation or graffiti
  • conducting interior inspections for rental units
  • removing structurally compromised dilapidated structures

Our department works with other departments within the City to provide the best customer service and support possible in the realm of construction and Property Maintenance.

The Building Commissioner and inspectors are proactive in attending neighborhood watch, community association and other community focus group meetings in an effort to determine how to best serve their areas. Our department works closely with the Charleston Police and Fire Departments and State Fire Marshall’s office.