Refuse & Recycling

The City of Charleston is in the process of optimizing its curbside recycling program through the use of standardized recycling containers (Toter Recycling Bins) and semi-automated collection based on recommendations from the 2021 Recycling Feasibility Study from MSW Consultants.  Read the press released here.

Curbside Recycling Service Poster:  View here

Recycling Program Optimization FAQ: View here

Recyclable materials may be co-mingled, but not mixed with regular garbage or food.  In addition, paper and cardboard must be kept dry.  Recyclables should be placed in sealed/closed containers at the curb on your weekly scheduled trash pick-up day. 

What can I recycle?

Aluminum beverage cans
Cardboard       corrugated and non-corrugated boxes
Mixed Paper   office paper, newspaper, cereal boxes, junk mail
#1 Plastics*   water, soda, juice bottles (number is usually found on bottom of  container)
#2 Plastics*  milk jugs, detergent bottles (number is usually found on bottom of  container)
Steel food and soup cans without labels

Note: Glass and Numbers 3 through 7 Plastics (ex. Plastic bags, PVC piping, Yogurt Containers, Styrofoam, Tupperware, Food Containers) are not accepted.

      What containers can I use?  

      The City of Charleston is in the process of transitioning to the use of Toter Recycling Bins (which will be provided by the City). During the transition, our recycling team will continue to collect recyclables in all clearly marked containers. For more information - View here

      • Clear plastic trash bag
      • Toter Recycling Bin
      • Bin
      • Can

      Containers must:

      • Be clearly marked as containing recyclables.

                     - Click here to download recycling bin signage

      •  Be less than 40 lbs. when full
      •  Be 48 gal. or less in volume

      2021 Recycling Feasibility Study:

      2021 Recycling Feasibility Study Part-1

      2021 Recycling Feasibility Study Part-2

      2021 Recycling Feasibility Study Part-3

      For more information about curbside recycling in Charleston,call 304-348-6831.

      For additional recycling resources, visit