Refuse & Recycling

Recyclable materials may be co-mingled, but not mixed with regular garbage or food.  In addition, paper and cardboard must be kept dry.  Recyclables should be placed in sealed/closed containers at the curb on your weekly scheduled trash pick-up day. 

What can I recycle?

Aluminum beverage cans
Cardboard       corrugated and non-corrugated boxes
Mixed Paper   office paper, newspaper, cereal boxes, junk mail
#1 Plastics*   water, soda, juice bottles (number is usually found on bottom of  container)
#2 Plastics*  milk jugs, detergent bottles (number is usually found on bottom of  container)
Steel food and soup cans without labels

Note: Glass and Numbers 3 through 7 Plastics (ex. Plastic bags, PVC piping, Yogurt Containers, Styrofoam, Tupperware, Food Containers) are not accepted.

      What containers can I use?  

      • Clear plastic trash bag
      • Bin
      • Can

      Containers must:

      • Be clearly marked as containing recyclables.

                     - Click here to download recycling bin signage

      •  Be less than 40 lbs. when full
      •  Be 48 gal. or less in volume

      2021 Recycling Feasibility Study:

      2021 Recycling Feasibility Study Part-1

      2021 Recycling Feasibility Study Part-2

      2021 Recycling Feasibility Study Part-3

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