Refuse & Recycling

We have been asked by the Raleigh County Landfill/Recycling Center (where we take our material) to keep our recycling as dry as possible. Therefore, we are asking Charleston residents to place all their recycling material in clear plastic bags and seal them. These bags can be placed in bins and left at the curb just as you have always done and they can be co-mingled together. Per city ordinance Bill number 7663, we will no longer be able to accept loose material in the bins.

Items Accepted

Numbers 1 & 2 Plastics

Examples: Water bottles, Milk jugs, Detergent


Examples: Office paper, Newspaper, Shredded paper, Magazines, Junk mail, Cardboard

Aluminum & Steel Cans

Examples: Beverages, Cans, Soup Cans, and Cat Food Cans

Items Not Accepted

Loose Material of Any Type


Numbers 3 through 7 Plastics

Examples: Plastic bags, PVC piping, Yogurt Containers, Styrofoam, Tupperware, Food Containers


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