Traffic, Parking and Transportation

Mary Dickerson, MSSL, Director
612 Washington Street, E.
Charleston, WV 25301
P: (304) 348-0739
F: (304) 348-1093

Hours of operation:
Monday thru Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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Mission Statement

The Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department strives to facilitate and promote alternative transportation options and provide safe, well-maintained parking facilities while ensuring equitable parking services and enforcement.


Scott Ferry, Assistant Director –

Matt Hartline, Deputy Director, Traffic Operations Manager –

Terri Allen, Deputy Director, Parking Operations Manager –


The Department of Traffic, Parking and Transportation oversees public parking and traffic operations in the City and actively promotes walking and bicycling. The parking management division enforces parking regulations; installs and maintains parking meters; operates the City’s six parking garages; collects and adjudicates parking tickets; and operates the Resident Permit Program.

The Department's traffic signs and signals division maintains pavement markings, including crosswalks and bicycle lanes; operation of traffic signals; conducts traffic study reviews; and issues permits for street obstructions and street closings. The Transportation Planner works closely with other City departments in planning, reviewing, and developing proposals to improve the City’s infrastructure and enhance mobility.

The Department’s goals are:

  1. Increase the quality, efficiency, and responsiveness of our operations.
  2. Support the mobility needs of the City’s residents, businesses, and institutions. Encourage and support non-auto modes of transportation.
  3.  Encourage and support sustainable modes of transportation.
  4. Improve the quality of our services and maintain our facilities to the highest possible level.
  5. Provide excellent customer service.
  6. Use technology to provide quality information, operational transparency, and easy to use services.

The Department’s services include:

Managing on-street parking through the use of parking meters, resident permit parking, and regulating curbside activities.

Enforcing regulations.

Collecting and adjudicating parking tickets.

Control of traffic – vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit – through signals, signs, and pavement markings.

Operation of 6 parking garages and various parking lots.


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Parking Garage locations

MPB #1 McFarland Street & Dickinson Street

Close Proximity to: UC Graduate School of Business, WV Junior College, Charleston Newspapers and all downtown businesses.
Head Cashier: Kim Harshman
P: (304) 348-8109

MPB #2 Summers Street & Washington Street (Cinema 7)

Close Proximity to: Park Place Cinema, Kanawha-Charleston Health Department, Capitol Market, and many WV State Department Offices
Head Cashier: Pam West
P: (304) 348-0711

MPB #3 Reynolds Street & Lee Street (Greyhound Bus Garage)

Close Proximity to: Charleston Civic Center and Town Centre Mall

Questions pertaining to parking at this garage should be directed to Mary Dickerson, Parking Director, by phone at (304) 348-0739 or via email to

MPB #4 Quarrier Street (Civic Center Garage)

Questions pertaining to parking at this garage should be directed to Mary Dickerson, Parking Director, by phone at (304) 348-0739 or via email to

MPB #5 Virginia Street & Kanawha Boulevard (Shanklin Garage)

Close Proximity to: City Hall (adjacent to), Kanawha County Courthouse, Federal Courthouse, Four Points by Sheraton, and Town Centre Mall
Head Cashier: George Crowley
P: (304) 348-8163

MPB #6 Summers Street

Close Proximity to: Summit Conference Center, Kanawha County Public Library and all downtown retail merchants
Head Cashier: Trampus Hawkins
P: (304) 348-0744

How to pay a parking citation

If you have received a parking ticket, payments may be made online, in room 103 of City Hall, which is located at 501 Virginia Street East, Charleston, WV 25301 or you may leave your payment in one of the City's courtesy boxes, which are located at the following:

  • 100 Brooks Street 400 Morris Street 1000 Virginia Street
  • 200 Capitol Street 1900 Piedmont Street 100 Washington Street
  • 400 Capitol Street 500 Quarrier Street Municipal Lot
  • 300 Dickinson Street 100 Summers Street County Lot
  • 400 Laidley Street 300 Summers Street Shanklin Lot

When paying by check, please make the check payable to "Charleston Parking System."

For additional information regarding the City's Parking Systems contact Dennis Strawn.


Traffic Operations


The Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department installs and maintains all of the pavement markings on public streets as well as traffic signals owned by the City.

TP&T installs new signs when and where appropriate upon requests from residents and businesses.  To make such a request for disability (HP) sign program, driveway clearance signs and all other sign requests please contact Matt Hartline.