2016 Loose Leaf Collection Schedule

The City of Charleston - Street Department

Loose Leaf Collection

Schedule 2016 

Loose-leaf collection will begin on Monday, October 31, 2016.  Loose leaves should be raked to the edge of the street for collection by one of the City?s leaf vacuum trucks.  Crews will not pick up leaves that are raked into the alleys. 

Before and after the loose leaf collection period, residents are encouraged to bag their leaves.  Bagged leaves will be picked up on the same day your refuse is picked up.

Please keep in mind that the vacuum trucks will be in each area of the city only two days each week.  While the crews will try to get to as many streets as possible during that time, if your leaves are not picked up during designated pickup days in your area, the trucks will return the following week and begin where they stopped the previous week.

Please do not mix tree limbs, yard waste or flowerpots in with the loose leaves, for these things will not go through the leaf vacuum.  

The loose leaf collection schedule is as follows:

Monday and Tuesday ? Kanawha City

Wednesday and Thursday ? South Hills

Friday and Saturday ? West Side and East End

Call 348-6850 for any assistance